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Ventilation & Duct Cleaning Truro

duct cleaning Truro

Crystal Clear provide a full Duct Work Cleaning Service in Truro. Over time ventilation systems build up with all types of contaminant which could effect air quality in the workplace. Ventilation Duct Work Cleaning must be carried out at least once very two years to fulfil legal requirements and to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Work needs to be carried out to HVCA specifications and guidelines to ensure compliance with legislation. Crystal Clear provides a full Duct Work Cleaning service including inspections and filter cleaning to ensure maximum safety and compliance for your building.

Regular ventilation system cleaning is important for the following reasons:
* to comply with Health and Safety legislation
* to provide safe and comfortable working conditions
* to maintain ventilation efficiency
* to eliminate microbiological contamination
* to eliminate fire risk
* to avoid expensive material erosion

The 1992 Health and Safety at Work Act covers ventilation and air quality and is very strict in its requirements. Workplace Health and Safety regulations require building managers to ensure a good supply of clean air into the building and to ensure that ventilation Duct Work Cleaning, inspection and maintenance are carried out on a regular basis.

Crystal Clear are a Safe Contractor Registered firm in Truro and will provide a certificate on completion of cleaning for your records. If you require a thorough and efficient clean of your duct work and ventilation system choose Crystal Clear.

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